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If you’re looking to subdivide your property, there are three different classifications under which your land can fall. Each of these has a big impact on the nature of the new blocks you’re creating, and the legal and ownership ramifications of each one.

So when it comes to determining the right Subdivision type for your property, make CIVAC your first point of call. We can help understand what you want to achieve with your Subdivision, identify the most appropriate Subdivision Title for your situation, and then manage the process to achieve the Subdivision for you.

The three Subdivision classifications we can help you achieve are:

  • Torrens Title Subdivision. A Torrens Title Subdivision means that subdividing your land results in two legally separate properties, where the owner of the land title owns the entirety of the building and property on their block. It creates clear delineations of who owns what on each specific subdivided property.
  • Strata Title Subdivision. A Strata Title Subdivision sees the owners of each subdivided block gain ownership over their specific property, but retain joint ownership over any common property, such as bin areas or driveways.
  • Community Title Subdivision. A Community Title Subdivision results in the owner of each subdivided lot having ownership of their land, defined by their specific land boundaries, but maintaining joint ownership over shared property and facilities.

So as you can see, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right Subdivision type for your land needs.

Here’s how CIVAC helps you obtain approval for your Subdivision.



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