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Dual Occupancy


Dual occupancy properties are an excellent way to increase the value of your property.

But creating a dual occupancy is different from adding a secondary dwelling, or a granny flat—these are entirely different projects. A dual occupancy involves two autonomous dwellings on one title, that are either attached by a wall, or both detached.

A dual occupancy can be a consideration when:

  • You’re looking at building from scratch on a new block of land
  • You have an existing property you want to knock down and rebuild
  • You want to build a new dwelling behind your existing house

But if you’re looking to build a dual occupancy on your property, the first step is ensuring you’re actually able to. There are specific standards that your property must meet, which include:

  • Your property must be located in an R2, R3, R4, or B1 zoned area in order for council to allow you to build a dual occupancy
  • Your block must meet specific dimension requirements, which we can check for you
  • Your construction must meet specific Council dimensions
  • Buildings require a minimum setback from property boundaries, as determined by your Council
  • Each dwelling must face a public road
  • Each dwelling must have at least one off-street parking spot available

So if you’re looking at building a dual occupancy on your block, your first step is to speak with the experts.

CIVAC makes acquiring your dual occupancy development approvals easy. Here’s how we do it.



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