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Land Acquisitions & Investments

Land Acquisitions and investments is the process of obtaining land with development potential with the expectation of making a profit.

Much easier said than done, CIVAC has employed a range of strategies to ensure the process of acquiring such land is achieved proficiently, successfully and with a high level of assurance. Such internal strategies have allowed CIVAC to grow the land acquisitions and investments part of the business to a stage where we can now provide external investors with the opportunity to join the CIVAC family.

Whether you’re a Mum and Dad investor, a retiree looking to invest, a business seeking to expand its portfolio or an independent developer, CIVAC has developed a system that allows all types of investors to benefit. Set up as a one-stop shop for all your property needs, the CIVAC acquisitions and investments division combines youth and hunger with experience and knowledge to create a well-balanced force in property investment.

Upon joining the CIVAC investments family, investors receive a comprehensive ‘about us’ package detailing who we are in greater depth, giving them a chance to meet the team, uncover our past performance, and envision the future of property investing. Furthermore, upon acquiring a site, investors will receive another package dedicated specifically to the subject site, including a summary sheet, a site analysis report, a market analysis report, a comparative market analysis report and a feasibility analysis report, allowing for a comprehensive breakdown of the site and related market to be presented.

CIVAC ensures accurate and thorough analysis reports by using reliable sources such as RP Data, Mecone Mosaic, NSW Legislation, ePlanning, and SIX Maps, as well as combining these programs with agent relationships, and years of internal experience to provide investors with a sufficient level of expertise and precision.

Becoming a part of the CIVAC acquisitions and investments family is simple and can be achieved over a simple phone call or email. Simply introduce yourself and express your investment interests, and our land acquisitions team can be searching for your next development within minutes.



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